Customer Service Department

In accordance with Order ECO/734/2004, of March 11, regarding customer service departments and services and financial institutions customer advocate, Alveus Investing AV, S.A., has a Customer Service Department whose purpose is to process and resolve the complaints and claims that its customers make, regarding their legally recognised rights and interests.

In case you want to make a complaint, you may contact Customer Service by reaching the following address:

Complaints and claims should include the place and date on which they were made and must be duly signed. They also have to contain the following information:

  • - Identity number (D.N.I, N.I.E, passport number, N.I.F, if applicable) and address.
  • - Reason for the complaint or claim.
  • - Office, department or service of Alveus were the facts which are the object of the complaint has occurred.
  • - Form and place in which the claimant desires to receive the notifications that should be sent to him/her in relation to the complaint or claim.
  • - Any documentary evidence that he or she considers appropriate.
  • Customer Service has a period of two months from the date of submission to resolve any complaints and claims made by its clients.


In addition, in the event of not receiving a reply within a month, Alveus informs its clients of the existence of a Complaints Service of the National Securities Market Commission – CNMV (attached to the Investors Department of the CNMV) which can be contacted through the following means:

  • Electronic submission of your complaint (for more information, go to the CNMV website ).
  • Form addressed to the CNMV Complaints Service: Edison, 4, 28006 Madrid - Passeig de Gràcia, 19, 08007 Barcelona.
  • There is also an investor service phone number: 900 535 015.