One Mission
One Investment Solution

Your mission is unique. Your wealth management should be it as well. Our mission: taking care of your mission as if it were ours.

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Alveus is a personalised top services to make sure that your investments are aligned with your founding mission.

Our goal: Overcoming the limitations of conventional financial advice

Conventional financial advice is generally an increasingly industrialized process. Industrialization that is almost always accompanied by a certain or total dehumanization. Or what amounts to the same thing, a distancing from reality and the needs of each individual. The process is usually always the same:

What does all of this has to do with our investor's?

Very little

What are these objectives?

The answer is quite obvious, but seems to have been forgotten at some point. Every entity has a MISSION. When it comes to asset management, this must be oriented towards the achievement of this MISSION. The ultimate objective of management is not the maximization of profitability, but rather that the profitability obtained facilitates the fulfillment of the mission to the greatest extent possible.

Alveus Method as an alternative to the standardization

Alveus Method

We want to raise awareness of the need for a radical change in the way financial advice has worked and continues to work today, so that it fulfills its true final function.

We propose a different approach, focused on transparency, objectivity, efficiency, ethics and, above all, respect for the mission and core values of each entity.

Hence our slogan:
“One Mission, One Investment Solution”



It takes into account all the aspects that make you different: your vision, your ethical values, your global heritage and your short, medium and long-term needs to ultimately achieve your mission.


It is as important for the fulfillment of the company's mission to adequately manage its assets, as it is for this to be carried out in accordance with ethical criteria in line with that mission. We analyze companies with a detailed methodology to determine their ethics and compliance.


Our service is personal and personalized, focused on what makes you unique: your mission. We put our experience of more than 30 years managing wealth for large financial institutions and high net worth individuals, as well as all our resources, at the service of your mission.


We rely on our own technological platform that allows our clients to follow the evolution of their investments and to check all aspects of their portfolios on a daily basis:

  • Consolidated profitability
  • Detailed performance by portfolio
  • Exposure to different types of assets
  • Positions of each of the portfolios


What is your reason for being?

Promote the right of everyone, especially children and the young, to enjoy a full and dignified life with equal opportunities.

Tailor-made service in three steps

First, we try to Understand your Mission in depth, then we Try to Meet our needs along with the financial requirements that will make it possible, always respecting your ethical values in each of the investments. And finally, Teach through specialized financial education that contributes to a better understanding of the results, terminology and products related to wealth management.

Our customers have one thing in common:

A mission to fulfill

Our mission:

Taking care of your mission as if it were ours
As Bursar of a Religious Congregation you have the responsibility to manage the patrimony of the congregation in the best way to contribute to the founding Mission.
As financial director of a Mutuality Company you have the responsibility to provide members and their families with solutions to meet all their pension, savings and investment needs.
As the head of the family state you have the responsibility to protect and increase the family heritage for future generations.
As CFO of a uprivate university or college your fundamental task is to usee monetary resources in the best possible way, detecting opportunities to generate savings and assessing investment or divestment options to ensure the financial health of the institution.
As the head of a foundation board of trustees , you must manage the organization and use available resources appropriately to ensure the achievement of the mission for which the foundation's was created.
And you,
do you have a mission?

“We build what we are: innovation, quality and trust”

What makes us different

A unique approach

A style, a method of counseling that makes comprehensive sense and addresses the reality of each client and their mission.

Our own equipment: ETS-Alveus

Alveus is backed by the strength and long experience of ETS Asset Management Factory, a family-owned company with 30 years of experience in providing financial advice, quantitative management and technology to institutions in Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is the leading Financial Advisory Firm (EAF) in Spain.

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Continuous innovation effort

For us, innovation is not only about what we do, but also about how we do it. We have a technological platform, developed entirely by us, which allows all customer information to be treated as completely confidential.